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Royal Land

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Their is only 1 game piece that is used the entire time so if you miss your turn you will be moved to the last person in the line up!
You can not move an order from pending because we are close to the end of the board and jump in front of others. your order will be moved to the end of the lineup!
> To play dice  is rolled and the piece is moved the corresponding number of spaces (1-6). You will win the prize on the board were you land (every roll is a prize) their are go back spaces but you will get the prize on the space piece stops on!
* If you land on a WILD space the consultant will reach into the bag and pull out a random wild card, that card says your prize! If it is a go back card you will get the prize on the space you move back to.
Prizes that can be won on Royal land - sets, rice pearl set, 2 pearls, 2 rice pearls, 2 cages, CTM, pack present & oyster, 2 pack presents, pearl paradise & pack present, 1 locket & 1 oyster, 1 locket & 1 rice pearl, 3 oysters, CTM & 1oyster, spin & gumball, 2 shots, Edison oyster, Edison, rice pearl, royal roll, 3 LTT their is also a chance for $10 and 50% codes!! The Final place on the board is 15 oysters!!!!  *****If you roll past the last space you go back to the beginning!! You must land on the exact number to win the 15 oysters!*****

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