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All Live Openings will go in order of ORDER NUMBER! Please 'Like and Follow' Royal Legacy Pearls on Facebook to be notified of the Running Line Up!


Q: What is Royal Legacy Pearls? 
A: We are a small independently owned company that sells freshwater pearls that are in Akoya oysters that can be opened live with one of our consultants. We also have mounted items and sterling silver cages available for purchase on our website under their assigned categories.

Q: What is a Cage?
A: A cage is a pendent that holds your pearl. Cages are silver plated 0% Nickel and 0% Lead and comes with an included 24 inch chain. Our Cages cost only $15. **We also have sterling silver cages available as well for $55**

Q: Do you put the pearls in the cages & can I change them myself?
A: All cages are interchangeable, and open easily so you can change out your pearls inside. (The only cage that we have to place a pearl inside is the Shark Cage) 

Q: Do you ship Internationally & how much is it?
A: Yes, we ship internationally. The cost depends on what you order. The best way to calculate shipping to your country is to add your items to the cart and calculate shipping costs before checking out.  Also, some countries charge custom fees, we are not responsible for those, and you will have to pay those charges, if they apply, before they will give you your package.  Each country is different and we have no way of knowing how much they will charge you ahead of time.  Also, with international orders there may be a conversion rate difference between your country and the US.


Q: Where do the packages ship from?

A: The consultants ship the orders the day after the show, to the shippers in Wyoming (the consultants live all over the USA).  From there, the shippers in Wyoming will fill your order, along with all of the orders from the same show, and then ship them out, in show date order. 


Q: How long does it to receive items?

A: Shipping can take 10-14 business days to ship from the main office in Wyoming and once it ships it can take 3-5 days to arrive to you. International orders can take longer due to further distance and customs rules.

Q: Can you get a specific color pearl on the live?
A: All oysters opened are random. We do not know what color is inside until the Oyster is opened. **If you order a sterling silver cage however, you can choose the color pearl you would like included (excluding rare colors, such as cotton candy, katie camo peacock, etc)!**

Q: Do you have orphan pearls available?
A: No we don’t sell orphan pearls.

Q: What is the USA & International giveaway posted in the shop?
A: That is how you claim a share giveaway- **ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU WERE SELECTED TO WIN**

Q: How do I know if I won a share giveaway?
A: The winners are posted on the Royal Legacy Pearls VIP page in the pinned post at the top. All instructions are listed there. 

Q: Where is the VIP page?


Q: If I Order during a live video, will I be opened Live on that current video?
A: All Live Openings go in chronological order by order number. We cannot guarantee that if you place an order, that you will have your order opened the SAME day. *All Line Ups will be updated periodically throughout a show so that you are able to gauge where you are in the Line Up.* 


Q: I wanted the Special, but I ordered a single item instead of the Special. 

A: Unfortunately, in order to get the Special, the Special that is posted HAS to be purchased. For Example; If the Special posted is "Buy a Fruit get 2 Free Cages" and you purchase JUST a Fruit instead of purchasing the Special, then you will not qualify for the 2 Free cages. *All Specials will be posted under the Tab "Purchase Here"*

Q: Can I request a certain consultant or a certain day ahead of time?
A: If you have a personal attachment to a specific consultant, you can definitely request to only be placed on their show. Also, if you can only watch our shows on certain days, or want to Pre Order for a specific show in advance, please put that in the notes! **Before completing your order, there will be a place to add NOTES onto your order. Please put ALL specific requests in this NOTES section before checking out your order.** 

Q: How far in advance can I pre-order for a show? 
A: You can PRE ORDER for a show in advance as far out as you prefer! If you put in the Notes section what date/consultant you are pre ordering for, we will move your order into Pending until that time! 

Q: If I pre-order for show, will I be at the top of the Line Up Call for that night's show? 
A: All Line Ups will go in Chronological order. If you Pre Order in advance, your order number will be smaller than the order # from someone who purchased later in the week after you. You have a higher chance of being at the very top of the Line Up the earlier in advance you order. 

Q: How long does shipping take to receive my order once opened Live? 
A: Shipping takes on average 10-14 business days to ship from the main office, not including weekends and holidays, after opening your order Live and once it has shipped from the main office it can take an additional 3-5 days to arrive to you. *International orders can take longer depending on country and Customs Processes. We can not guarantee ship time after it has left USA.** 

Q: Do you offer refunds on an order I placed?
A: We do not offer refunds. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee SAME DAY Live Opening. We will Open all orders Live in a Chronological Order number fashion. *If you have any is
sues with an order you received, please reach out to us!*  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Q: I received a 50% off code during my Live Oyster Opening. What does this 50% off code mean and what can I use it on? 
A: This code is good for ONE SINGLE ITEM in your cart at checkout. If you would like to order multiple items, please ask us for the Free Shipping Code for your second order. **Do not message the Facebook Page until you are READY to use the code, because codes change daily, and we will mark down that you have used it once you ask.**

Q: I placed Multiple separate orders. Are these combined? 
A: Yes! We will put you on the Line Up according to your lowest order number (First order placed). We then combine ALL of your orders into one when we open Live! 

Q: I keep commenting on the Facebook Feed, but no one is answering me? 
A: Facebook Live can filter comments, which can make it very difficult for the admin or the consultant to see your comments. Often times, if you add an Emoji in your comment, it will show! If you feel that you are being "filtered" by Facebook and you have a pressing question/concern, message our Page and an Admin will respond and work through it with you! We will never intentionally ignore our viewers! 

Q: Whoa! I think I was banned from the Live Video?
A: If you feel that you were banned accidentally, please message us and we will work as fast as possible to correct the issue! **We accept no negativity, no vulgar comments, and no 'mad faces'.** This is a family friendly show, and we will not accept anything but respectful viewers. So be nice, sit back, have fun, and enjoy the show! 


Q: Are you HIRING any new consultants?
A: We are not hiring any new consultants at this time! 


Q: Do you sell "Starter Packs"?
A: We do not currently sell Starter Packs, but we are working on offering this option in the future. When we have Starter Packs available, we will have that information dispersed on our website and Facebook Page, so you will not miss it!


Q: Do you send single oysters home to open?

A: No we do not.  In order to have oysters sent home to open, you must buy a small tray (3 oysters) or large tray (5 oysters), or win more than 5 oysters on your live opening of games to be eligible to have oysters sent home.  


Q: If I get a dud oyster sent home, will it be replaced?  

A: No, having oysters sent home, that is a risk you take.  We can't prove that you got a dud oyster. 


Q: If I get a defective item (example, bent cage broken chain) will you guys replace it? 

A: Damaged or Defective Items:
 We offer a 30 day warranty from the date of delivery on all your items. This is providing that you used the items as described and did not modify or change the items. This means only putting pearls in cages or lockets that are at the recommended size if applicable for that item, and using them as intended. Please keep records of your orders and if you come into a issue with your order we can easily verify your orders warranty and help the replacement process move smoother for both you and us. Just send the page a message on Facebook and an admin will help you. Please make sure to send a photo of your damaged item with your message so we can verify and help the replacement process along. 


Q: What if I am missing Items in my order?

A: Once your order has been delivered please promptly check your order and make sure you have all of your items that should have arrived with that order. In the event that you are missing an item please message the page on Facebook within 7 days of your package being delivered. After 7 days we will not honor or replace any missing items after 7 days from date of delivery.


For our International Customers: Please be aware of your country's rules and regulations with orders coming from outside of the country.  If there are customs fees, you as the customer are responsible for paying for those to get your package.  


We do not guarantee that all cages will fit on our child's chains.