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About Me!

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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a little bit about myself.  I am a U.S. Army veteran, a loving wife, a mama bear of two beautiful boys, and a pearl addict.   I created this company to share my love of pearls with all of you!  I love the element of suprise and the thrill of seeing what beautiful color pearl you'll receive in your Akoya oyster!  Please like and share my page with all of your friends and family so that they too can join our LIVE party every week!
Pearl Meanings:
White – purity, truth, dreamer, fertility, innocence, simplicity, cleanliness, faith, honesty, protection, sincerity, peace

Gold – riches, wealth, prosperity, freedom, success, love, illumination, compassion, self-Esteem, courage, passion, wisdom

Pink – health, love, generosity, romance, power, purity, passion, energy, kindness, compassion, loyalty, faith, protection, happiness

Blue – truth, intuition, trust, responsibility, tranquility, confident, loyal, intuition, calming, conservative, dependable, courage

Silver – dignity, self control, organized, patience, wisdom, progress, calming, soothing, focus, insight, cool, security, dependability

Purple – wisdom, love, artistic, creativity, riches, leaders, royalty, complexity, vitality, noble, pride, mystery, motivation, passion

Red – power, enthusiasm, success, extrovert, energy, vitality, excitement, passion, love, strength, leadership, respect, Determination, assertiveness, stability

Green – balance, nature, money, justice, youth, good luck, learning, generosity, life, hope, growth, harmony, renewal, beauty, respect, satisfaction, peace

Yellow – creative, cheerful, happy, optimistic, wealth, friendship, uplifting, intellectual, clarity, perception, motivation, learning, blessing, health, brightness

Brown – practical, masculine, grounded, dependable, stability, harmony, protection, comfort, elegance, security, healing, reliability

Orange – social, playful, warmth, desire, emotional, courage, success, relationships, power, happiness, strength, authority, endurance, stimulation

Black – protection, independence, balance, control, rest, mystery, strength, fascination, allure, prosperity, riches